A Sketch A Day?


A sketch a day? Probably not, especially since I’ve already missed a day and, yes, I know it’s only the third day of the year. I assiduously avoid resolutions at this time of year anyway. Still, I try to draw something by hand as frequently as I can manage.

The sketchbook is great medicine when the practicalities of delivering a building threaten to overwhelm the romance. Being a big time architect working on big time projects means that I spend a LOT of time reviewing specifications, preparing budgets, checking pay applications, and corresponding with clients, contractors and government officials. In short, I often spend more time managing than I do designing.

I started keeping a sketchbook in college where it was mandatory in the first years of architecture school. I’ve kept up the practice but over the years it’s morphed into more of a journal than a visual record. Just a few thoughts or notes punctuated by quick drawings of whatever I happen to be thinking about. Over the coming year I’ll try to post a few images from time to time.

The drawing above is an imaginary house for my sister-in-law… with a side-wheel motor sail yacht floating above it.  Next time I promise a real scan and not a cellphone pic.



  1. Mike Smith

    I hate to say it Wayne but my sketchbook is more cartoon characters than buildings these days, buildings are the environment that the characters live in, but sketching is so important and I spend a lot of architecture time on trash (when I am not pushing the emails and phones around). Love the blog!

    • twwarch

      You’re lucky to be drawing as much at work as you do. I’ve been at this company 7 years and I’ve done 3 projects. So I get to draw heavily for about 3 months in alternating years before the project management duties overtake the design duties.

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