More books


Look what I got! It might look boring to some – it’s all nonfiction. But to me, it looks like a great place to explore. Some I’ve heard of before and others just sounded interesting so I grabbed ’em.

Condemned Building by Douglas Darden: Doug Darden lectured at Auburn when I was a student. I missed the lecture and therefore missed the whole Douglas Darden fandom that emerged. The original drawings hung in the gallery for awhile and were just spectacular. Lots of gorgeous pencil rendering of machine-like buildings. If I had to guess I’d say that Tom Kundig has this one on his shelf.

Strange Details by Michael Cadwell: The description sounded interesting. We’ll see.

Refabricating Architecture by Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake: I’ve enjoyed their built work for some time and as I’ve said before, I’m very interested in the research component of their practice.

Surface Architecture by David Leatherbarrow and Mohsen Mostafavi: I read another called On Weathering by the same pair several years ago and got a lot from it.

The Mathematical Mechanic by Mark Levi: Solving problems by physical modeling. For someone into making things and figuring them out this should be great geeky fun.

The Marlinspike Sailor by Hervey Garrett Smith: Knots, block and tackle, and fancywork. Because you never know what you might need to know. Maybe I’ll incorporate coachwhipping on the handrails of my next project.


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