Beginning in the Middle All Over Again

I bet you thought it was over. That this space had gone the way of so many others like it — another nascent blog died a bornin’. But you would be wrong. There are things happening. Forces moving. And change. Lots of change.

Click on over to the About Me page. It’ll only take a second; I’ll wait right here. How about that?

A new company doing what we hope will be a new kind of business. Cogent Studio, LLC started operations on June 9 of this year in borrowed space with two people, a couple of laptops, some folding tables, and some old kitchen chairs. There have been plenty of headaches and complications but they’ve been our headaches. And we’ve been having fun, finally, working the way we always thought we should.

Writing my first proposal was practically a Shakespearean comedy. First I needed to download and sign the Non-disclosure Agreement because there’s proprietary business information involved; but the printer is still in the box and the drivers aren’t installed. Then I needed to write a cover letter, but there’s no letterhead so I have to create that. Finally I realized I needed General Agreement Terms to cover all the basics of payment, termination, etc. Well, those didn’t exist so I had to write them. All in all what should have taken about 1 ½ hours took about 6. Of course I haven’t had to repeat that exercise every time and later proposals went together much more smoothly.

Why call it Cogent Studio? Several reasons. First, we’re done with names on the door and titles on the business cards. Second, Cogent means a compelling or convincing argument. The latin root means push together and that is what we intend to do. This is a company where the best idea and not the loudest voice wins. And third? Well, it’s also true that Cogent was the one word that stuck to the wall during a manic textfest on a Friday night with a couple of stiff drinks under our belts.

So please continue to watch this space. I’ll continue to write about what I’m working on and thinking about and soon, I expect, I’ll move this blog into a new company website where you’ll be able to see our work, both on the boards and in the field.

Cogent Logo Small



  1. David Sandlin

    Congrats on the new firm. I always like fresh ideas and people that are braver than I am…willing to take risks and start something new at midlife…I’ve not met you and Trey face to face but I hope to very soon.

    • twwarch

      Thanks David. There have been challenges and will be plenty more I’m sure, but the support from friends and colleagues has been unbelievable too.

  2. Ellen Hackett

    You two get to wave the Freedom Flag. The last 22 years have prepared you for Cogent and you will do great things.
    Ellen Hackett

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